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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chef Luna's Back in Atlanta with 'Uninspired' food

You can only keep a secret for so long.
Chef Paul Luna called me some time around Halloween to alert me that he had something up his monogrammed smock sleeve. Finally, EyeSeeStyle feels free to spread the news that he's back after a multi-year hiatus from the Atlanta dining scene with a new downtown restaurant that revels in a "hush-hush" personna.
Luna, who rose to fame, acclaim and (ahem) notoriety with his original Loca Luna tapas emporium in Midtown is back in town with an equally provocative concept: small plates, made to order if necessary, made from the daily ingredients he discerns as freshest and worth the reasonable price.
I'll leave it to the dining critics who follow up on this dispatch and evaluate the food.
Here's what struck me most about the menu I swiped off the vintage writing desk in the entryway: you can order the ENTIRE lunch (11 a.m. - 5 p.m.) menu for $20!
Since this is an insider dispatch, I won't bog you down with the savory details now.
Leave a comment if you want descriptions of the food or details about the eccentric decor (with rotating art and fixtures for sale.)
Meanwhile, soak in the performance (below) that Luna's new Lunacy Black Market bistro brings to mind...

Lunacy Black Market, 231 Mitchell St., SW, Mon.-Sat., 11 a-10 p


JC said...

Hey...I'd like to know more about the food. I'm pumped to try this place since we have such a dearth of decent dining in the downtown area (w/in walking distance of "gov't row").

A. Scott Walton said...

Funny you should ask. I'm running (late) to a lunch mtg there right now. I'll circle back with my impressions. Thanks for commenting. scott

A. Scott Walton said...

Just got back from Luna's. Delicious. Had the Asian BBQ pork sandwich and the basil/chicken sandwich along with handcut fries and Pelligrino for under ten bucks. great flavors and textures. put it on your list...

GinaRenay said...

I checked out Lunacy last night and I'm so glad I got a chance--relaxing, tasty meal, great conversation! I had the shrimp, asian pork ribs, salad, sweet potato fries, yummmmm!
I will probably be a regular whenever I am downtown.
Thanks for the post.

A. Scott Walton said...

Hi Gina,
Glad you liked the post, and Luna's new cafe as well. Save a seat for me! I find it's a great spot for lunch meetings. Let's keep it "our secret" :-)
If you have any places to recommend to me to review or just enjoy, let me know. And if you'd ever like to pen a "guest" review, shoot some ideas my way.